The activity of the Company is reflected in the following activities:

  1. Preparation of project documentation:

    1.1. Project Development of applied hydrogeological research (obtaining solutions applied hydrogeological investigations by competent school institutions) and the Study on reserves of groundwater, with their classification and categorization (the designation defined and categorized groundwater reserves from the competent institution).

    1.2. Preparation of the Study on the conditions of groundwater exploitation

    1.3. Study on Development of sanitary protection zones for individual water facilities and organized source (conducting field work and the preparation of mathematical models for the purposes of this study).

    1.4. Preparation of project documentation in the procedures for exercising the right to build for facilities for which water conditions are obtained (facilities and works that may temporarily, occasionally or permanently cause changes in the water regime).

  2. Performing construction works:

    2.1. Drilling of wells for individual and organized water supply (percussion, direct and reverse drilling) with drilling diameters from ϕ 190 mm to ϕ 1000 mm, ie well diameters from ϕ 125 mm to ϕ 600 mm.

    2.2. Execution of exploratory drilling and production of piezometers
    We possess the following drilling sets:
    - NORDMEYER 2/10 1 piece
    - GEFCO SPEED STAR 15K 1 piece
    - COUPEROUS RB 50 1 piece
    - FA-12 2 pieces
    - BA-15 1 piece
    - GDR-300 1 piece
    Ancillary machines - trucks:
    - Excavator JCB 3 2 pieces
    - Crane truck 3 pieces
    - Towing trucks 2 pieces
    - 14 tons tipper truck 1 piece
    - Diesel compressors 4 pieces
    - Butt welding machine TM315SECOS 1 piece
    - Logging equipment in wells 1 piece

    2.3. Maintenance of existing wells:
    - Recording TV probe deep wells, with a reproduction of the recording on the CD;
    - chemical - physical - hydraulic regeneration of atrophied wells to the recovery of their lost yield. For the use of chemical compounds in the process of regeneration of wells we have atest - thinking the Institute of Public Health of Serbia "Dr Milan Jovanovic - Batut". The application of regeneration is significantly cheaper than the construction of new wells, with well extended service life and provides significantly greater amount of water organized water supply;
    - rehabilitation of wells with damaged filter or exploitation columns by installing "PISTON" structures or filters in the filter;
    - insulation work filters or columns of wells with cement;
    - removing fallen submersible pumps, pushing a pipeline or other foreign objects have fallen into the well.
    - mechanical cleaning and development wells;
    - performance tests pumping stations of different capacities including analysis and data processing. Data processing have the appropriate licensed programs;

    Employees of the company are certified planners and contractors with licenses 392 and 492.

    In order to solve the problems related to our operations, we suggest that you establish a successful, business - technical cooperation.